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About Us

The South Branch Valley Day Report Center (SBVDRC) is a Community Corrections treatment alternative to incarceration for nonviolent offenders whose substance abuse problems have led to legal involvement. Supervision and treatment services provided by the SBVDRC accomplishes two goals: 1) To provide much needed substance abuse treatment and drug screening which is not available in the Potomac Highlands Jail to appropriate offenders; 2) To reduce taxpayer costs associated with incarceration.

Mission Statement


The primary objective of the South Branch Valley Day Report Center is to offer a practical and affordable substitute to imprisonment for eligible offenders. By collaborating with law enforcement, government agencies, the judiciary, and community resources, SBVDRC aims to diminish the rate of repeat offenses by enabling participants to understand their conduct, obtain necessary skills to tackle problems, and acquire life skills for enduring success while enhancing public safety.

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