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South Branch Valley Day Report

The SBVDRC's philosophy revolves around altering the behavior of specific offenders by offering them personalized and evidence-based treatment programs, along with accountability measures. By following this approach, the participants gain motivation and learn functional skills that are essential for leading a crime-free and addiction-free life with productivity.

General Overview

The SBVDRC strives to attain two main objectives: reducing the rate of repeat offenses and probation revocations by transforming the behavior of participating offenders. This program offers a constructive alternative to incarceration for nonviolent offenders, who discover that they can lead a life of recovery and attain success.

Referrals to the SBVDRC must comply with their designated daytime or evening schedules. SBVDRC personnel work closely with referral sources to cater to each offender's unique requirements. The SBVDRC's case managers conduct a comprehensive risk/needs evaluation and develop a personalized treatment plan that aligns with the individual's capabilities and needs. Moreover, the program includes random drug and alcohol testing to maintain accountability among participants.

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92 E Main St,

Romney, WV 26757
Tel: (304) 822-3009


141 Emergency Lane, Moorefield, WV

Tel: (304)530-0271


100 Thorn Creek Road
Franklin, WV 26807

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